Dollar Tea Club sends members three exotic new blends of loose leaf tea every month for $1.

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Hey PH, Welcome to Dollar Tea Club round 2! We got started on Product Hunt, so we wanted to share our new (and ridiculous) video with you.
What have we changed in round 2? We have three major updates. 1. Account Features In an ongoing quest to give members more control over their orders, we have added the following: - ability to skip a month - ability to purchase our larger blends without a subscription (one-time purchases) - samples of the month area --> a dashboard that shows members which samples they received 2. Club Referral Program Why give advertising money to facebook and instagram when we can give it right back to our members? Our newest update let's us reward members that help us spread the word about Dollar Tea Club by crediting their accounts every time they refer someone to the club. 3. New Products One of our core principals is making tea fun and easy. We went looking for (or creating) fun and easy tea products. Here's what we recently introduced: - HoneyStix -> Honey packed into single serve. Yup, these make Honey portable. - Drawstring Tea Filters --> Empty tea bags made to fill with loose leaf. These make enjoying loose leaf quality possible with bagged tea convinience - Tea Socks --> just because there's nothing quite like a nice new pair of socks (especially with these designs) ... and many more to come. [ORIGINAL POST] Why Dollar Tea Club? Simple, we love tea. We wanted to share our passion for tea by making it easier for all tea drinkers to start steeping. We love trying new flavors and believe that amazing tea shouldn't have to burn a hole in your pocket, so we decided to put it all together and offer amazing tea for $1/month! Fully Customizable: This is where we really stand out, because we are the first and only tea subscription that allows members to build & change their subscription anytime. Why? We wanted to offer members the flexibility of trying new tea while also giving them the option of choosing. This being said, we have subscriptions for all types of drinkers, from The Explorer (3 new flavors for $1/month) to a "build your own" option where members can choose whichever blends they'd like and receive them every month. How it works: 1. Sign up 2. Get awesome flavors every month * Love a flavor? Get more from our Tea Shoppe :) Our Tea: - Premium loose leaf - Sourced through Direct Trade - Organic options available - Caffeine-Free available Our Guaran'teas - No Hidden Fees (No membership fee) - No Contract. Cancel Anytime - Freshness Guaranteed Questions? Holler! Thanks for reading hunters!
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:D like a dollar shave club ?!
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@albert_arshakyan like a dollar shave club!
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Looks awesome and I love the packaging! Some concerns on the price and quality though.
@aleks_muse Thank you thank you! I'd love to get some feedback on your concerns. Feel free to reply here or send me a message at anytime :)
Can you talk about the quality of your teas, where you get them, etc? @allan_shulman
@margotcodes Hey Margot, apologies on the late reply- we actually went ahead and created a page for this to make it more accessible for everyone.. check it out here:
@margotcodes We'll be linking it to our homepage shortly! Feel free to reach out with any other questions :)
I’d love to know where your teas come from? The backend process... This is something I’d love if the quality is top notch.
@prsarahevans Hey Sarah, thanks for the question- we work directly (at this point more like a silent partner) with a Canadian tea importer to find and source blends from over 5 countries. You can find more information here: or reach out with any other questions