Print your pet on socks - custom made socks for dog owners

Custom dog socks produced with love. Gifts for dog owners.

The highest quality custom socks for dog owners money can buy. It is a perfect gift for all dog moms and dog dads all around the globe. Every pair is 100% unique hand designed.

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Love this concept. Have you considered adding a feature to show a live preview of the sock after you upload the photo? This would prob reduce abandonment a lot by removing the uncertainty around how will this look when i get it, is the photo good enough, etc.
@ajsharp That is good idea. Thank you Alex!
Absolutely love this concept.
Any recommendations for file size / format of the dog photos? Can't seem to find the info on your website
@lukebailey Hey Luke, you can use both JPG/JPEG and PNG file formats. Also, our shop supports uploads up to 100Mb.