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#4 Product of the DayApril 10, 2018

Dogo - your dog's favorite app is a beautiful app for your iPhone and iPad.

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Dogo was created by two founders - husband and wife. Tadas, iOS developer, and his wife Rasa is a veterinary doctor. They started working on the app almost two years ago and now they have a small team of 5 people. They are developing an app for their adopted dog Ūdra. She is their inspiration and the first one to try all the new tricks and app prototypes. Dogo helps users get into a habit of training with their dog. Every dog loves attention and spending time with his best friend. Dogo guides their users through the training process by reviewing every exam individually. Their users receive suggestions and tips how to improve and make training more efficient. Users strongly appreciate this direct feedback and they have many success stories of dogs becoming more obedient and owners more satisfied with the friendship. Dogo was featured in the Apple App store on April 1st.
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Overall the app has great potential to grow as they are providing step by step instruction to train your dog and clicker ability via the app. The video examination makes feedback a great value.


Very nicely designed app, simple to use and love the exam videos and feedbacks.


None at moment

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Will definitely give it a try. Is there an age limit beyond which it is hard to train a dog?
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@samirmadhavan Hey! There is no age limit, it's a myth that you can't teach old dog new tricks. You can and it's usually surprisingly easy ;) Dog's are very motivated by attention and treats they get, it's usually we - humans who fail!
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I just adopted a rescue dog this past Saturday, so the timing for this is great! 👨‍🏫🐶
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I love this app, can't wait to use it once I get a dog! Awesome work @tadas_ziemys and @rasa_gentvilaite
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