Easy to maintain open source documentation websites

Save time and focus on your project's documentation. Simply write docs and blog posts with Markdown and Docusaurus will publish a set of static html files ready to serve.

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Your subject line in Chrome push notifications that states "Goodbye Squarespace" is a little misleading - this is nothing like a small business or solopreneur website - it's an easy-to-use text to HTML editor.
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"Goodbye Squarespace, Facebook is coming for you"... Really ?
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The new static site generator for React. Pros: The easiest React static site generators. Unlike Gatsby and Next, There is no need to fiddle with any real code/complicated API just to get a Markdown blog working. It is intended for making docs but you can basically build any static site out of this in just a few seconds, even without no knowledge of React. You can Enable Search, versioning and translation easily. Cons: None Currently. Probably customisation options? Maybe check for performance when building site/documentation with a lot of pages and content.
@calvinalx Not sure if you could compare it with Gatsby that also generates the client side React bundle that will be used to navigate around client side only. It seems like Docusaurus is a Jekyll generator specifically for documentation content.
@calvinalx Yes I think the idea of Docusaurus is you can have a real website without any coding / api stuff, but you can if you want. Customization is a little bit limited. That is one of the reasons I re-factored it into Dochameleon.
Been searching for a tool to write docs easily. Thank you for this!