DocSend Fundraising Network

Data-driven way to connect quality founders to committed VCs

The DocSend Fundraising Network uses a data-driven approach to provide warm intros between quality founders and active VCs who match their needs, while removing some of the common biases in the fundraising process.
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The fundraising process has been upended recently. Both founders and VCs have found that the traditional process have changed. Not only can you no longer rely on networking events or conferences to help you score an intro to a VC, once you get that intro you likely won’t meet your potential investor in person at any point during the process. At DocSend, they know the fundraising market is still active based on their Pitch Deck Interest Metrics, Active VC List, Pitch Deck Analyzer, and weekly Q&As with VCs in the Startup Index Newsletter. They also know in a world without face-to-face meetings the pitch deck has become even more vital. That’s why they decided to build the DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN). The DFN is a new way to help founders raise capital and a new deal-flow source for VCs. The DFN introduces top quality founders to a select list of VCs who can lead a deal. For updates and Q&As with investors, founders, and industry pros, subscribe to DocSend's Startup Index newsletter: Leave a comment and I'll let the DocSend team know to get back to you!
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@thinker This is neat!!
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