Rich analytics and controls on documents you send.

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We finally launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in NYC a couple weeks ago: The above link will get you right into the product so you can skip the beta line. You can also enter the promo code 'producthunt' to get a free account.
I've used docsend extensively over the past 6+ months for both fundraising and sales and highly recommend it. A simple concept, but such a powerful tool for tracking engagement across an account (or fund), version control, and insights into what resonates and what doesn't. It's completely changed the way we share docs as a company — the old school way of attaching a PDF is so limited and antiquated by comparison.
I've been a huge fan of @docsend since the initial beta (disclaimer, @CowboyVC is an investor). Having led sales team in the past, I know how valuable it can be to have insights into who is engaging with your docs and when. And as an entrepreneur, I know how valuable it can be to know which investors have read my materials and how interested they are. And now as an investor, I use DocSend to share materials with our entrepreneurs and LPs so we can learn what is most useful and engaging to the Cowboy family. In short, why would you ever send a document as an attachment? It's like running an email campaign without tracking opens and click-throughs.
Thanks @davemorin and @Noah_L! BTW, our investors have all been awesome to work with: @CowboyVC, @softtechvc, and @lererventures.