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Hi guys, I built Dock Name because nowadays it’s really hard to find the appropriate domain name for your business/product. If the domain you need is already registered, there is no decent domain marketplace where you can find the owner and negotiate the price. Dock Name uses different approach in connecting the domain buyers and sellers. There are no long domain listings, but it’s focused on specific buyer request, where sellers propose their domains. The proposed domains are up-voted by the community so the buyer will hear different opinions before make the final decision. The best domain will have the most up-votes which gives in some way a fair evaluation of the domain. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts...
@mightyalex Hey, looks like a great idea. But would stop people from going on there and steal the domains people might want to buy?
@Jonnotie They can steal the domain if it's available, my predictions are that the number of submitted available domains will be very low and people will focus to sell their already registered domains. I think that no one will bother to steal an available domain mainly because the submitted available domain will mean more to the person that opened the question then some third party. Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot.
I like the interaction model (users submit a finite list of options and the community upvotes the best); however, I don't see this as a destination site and purchasing domains is so infrequent for most people, you'll need to attract a TON of traffic to ensure there's enough content for the site. @Jonnotie concerns that people would swoop in and purchase a domain first, are also valid. Congrats on launching, @mightyalex, and I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this.
@rrhoover Yeah, I don't expect much requests opened at a time, maybe just a couple, and I hope there will be more domain proposals from people that want to sell their domains. I got the idea when saw posted here a month ago. There are also couple other similar websites, which list domains in long lists. When I try to register a new domain for my project I never go through these lists to find a domain name. I needed something more interactive, from which will benefit both the buyers and the sellers. I agree about the domain ideas stealing, but then the idea can be registered by the person who proposed it, the request creator, or a third party, it's basically who will do it first, but then if he doesn't need that domain will have to bother to re-sell it again later :) Thank you Ryan, as you know this is just a weekend project build in my spare time in the past three weeks, I don't have big plans with it, I'm just trying to make something that people will find useful.