DoBox Pro

Turn your iPad into a laptop

The ultimate all-in-one docking station for iPad OS with built-in trackpad and keyboard
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Apple should take this as a hint and make something like the Microsoft Surface Book that converts from an iPad to a MacBook.
@joshuapinter I think the Apple way is a little bit different in that matter, as W10/8 was meant for the touch devices and that wasn't received nicely. If anything Apple tries to hit the market with "cheap Apple computer" in form of iPad(Pro) + keyboard.
@hauleth I would still love a convertible MacBook Pro. One that either detaches or just folds around, for the times I want to draw or make notes with an Apple Pencil. They're stuck in a weird place because they have iOS and macOS as completely separate OSes, but that gap is closing, and adding Multi-Touch and Apple Pencil support to macOS is likely closer than ever.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out!
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