Do this!

A simple to-do list for sharing with anyone

A very simple to-do list that can be shared with anyone through a regular link. It works without registration and personal data.
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Hi, guys. I've been searching for a simple app for a shared to-do list that can be shared via a regular link. The main condition is that the link must open on any device without registration + real-time synchronization. And I didn't find such an app. So while sitting in the Covid19 quarantine, I created "Do this!")
Simple to-do lists are my jam and jelly!
Thank You, Tristan!
Screens look great, good luck with the launch! Can't test it though, will wait for iOS version
@innokenty_nesterenko , thanks! I plan to release the iOS version later )
Great product , keep the good work. We will try it at @minelead
@amine_hallam , thanks! I think you'll like it.
Simple app for simple to do list management.