As Paul Graham once wrote in his blog: “startups take off because the founders make them take off.”

We occasionally hear about the unscalable things founders did via interviews, podcasts and Medium posts. There’s no single home for these hacks however, so I decided to build a crowdsourced database with real stories, from real people.

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Hi Product Hunters, I’m KP, a 2x founder and indie maker. Thanks so much to @leandro8209 for hunting my latest side hustle: “Do Things That Don’t Scale”. I built this simple platform to make it easy for makers and founders to discover unscalable startup hacks and growth stories. The site’s data is crowd-sourced currently but will be quality checked manually by me. (doing an unscalable thing myself!) As you may have guessed, the original inspiration for this platform came from Paul Graham’s popular article. But the real booster came from the unbelievable engagement my simple post on Hacker News attracted last week. The post asking founders asking to share their own personal stories and hacks reached top #2 on the home page that day and ended up with 260+ comments. Right after that, I figured there should be a home for all of these stories and advice. Hence built a quick platform over a weekend. This platform is an easy-to-access repository for several unscalable hacks covering every type of founder/market. Be it B2B, B2C or hardware, you will find something useful on the site. Thanks to Paul Graham, Sam Altman, Patrick Collison and many other hackers on Hacker News who not only inspired me to create this list but also contributed to it. I’m hoping to see many more community contributions as it reaches more people. If you have a story or a hack that would be worth sharing, please click on the “Add a hack” in the menu and submit your entry. I’ll review it and add it in due time. 📝 I’m really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!
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@leandro8209 @thisiskp_ hi KP - the link isn't opening right now when you click website from the Product Hunt post page. 😞
@leandro8209 @ems_hodge I am sorry. Let me look into it now.
@leandro8209 @ems_hodge The site is working now. Sorry about the mishap 😃
@leandro8209 @thisiskp_ awesome! Thanks for fixing so quickly ⚡️
@leandro8209 @thisiskp_ Really nice guys and fun to read. I just assed a little story of my own too!
It seems that the website is down... Having scalability issues ? 🏝
@bob6664569 I removed the PH header and it started working fine
@yungrollneck right, you need to remove the producthunt query string completely to make it work !
@bob6664569 @yungrollneck The site is working now. Sorry about the mishap, non-technical founder here 😃
I love this, interesting to hear about the other side of growth hacking, the tactics that aren't meant to help you but possibly can!
@aaronoleary thanks for the feedback, I am hoping to keep this up to date and surface interesting founder stories.
This is really cool! I think @pjrvs would be interested in such a project. Lots of synergy with the movement of Company of One
Seems it broke. I guess it's using airtable in some way @thisiskp_ ? I get the error "Error occured while fetching data. Please make sure your base contains a settings and content sheet with some values."
@thisiskp_ @colinwinhall Yes I get a blank page on mobile. Love the idea though!
@thisiskp_ @colinwinhall @anthilemoon remove the "?ref=producthunt" from the URL and then reload the page.
@colinwinhall @anthilemoon The site is working now. Sorry about the error earlier 😃
@colinwinhall @anthilemoon @harowitzblack thanks for the work around Ben. The site is back to working now 😄