Do or Die is a free group game to see who is the boldest of the bunch! Players are given dares with the option to "Do" or "Die" until there is one person standing. Once a winner is crowned, one loser is randomly selected and must "do" one of the skipped dares.
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Wooo!!! Go team! Stoked to finally have this out. Been a blast testing this and laughing a ton. Hope you all enjoy!
Hey Product Hunt! Excited to share Do or Die with you all! This game was born out of brainstorming sessions during our annual company retreat for Fishermen Labs. Each year we try to think of fun internal projects to work on as a team outside our normal projects. During the trip, we found ourselves wanting a new group game to spend time waiting in lines, at dinner or bars, or just hanging out in our Airbnb and voilà... Do or Die was born. Do or Die gameplay is simple: see who can complete the most dares before tapping out! The app calls out one player at a time with a new dare. Each player has to decipher whether or not they are bold enough to complete the dare. If they are, they survive the round. If they aren't, they go to the Graveyard to await their fate. Do or Die keeps dishing out dares until there is only one person standing. Once a winner is crowned, all those who previously passed on their dares must enter the Final Punishment round. At random, one loser will be given one of the skipped dares that MUST be completed! 😂 Laughs for groups of all types! 🎁 Completely free! (though you can tip our team) 👥 Accessibility settings available 🔊 Play with sound on... heightens the experience ------ Shout out to Trevor Van Meter for killing it on the animations!
Hey @edenchen - this looks amazing! Will you and your team keep updating the content?
@fred_muya yes! You can also suggest more content on the app since it’s really hard to come up with stuff haha
Uh-oh. This sounds dangerous.
@rrhoover Haha! Sounds like something the Product Hunt team needs to try out soon as a team building exercise! 😉
Nice realisation!
@jocelyn_lecamus thank you!!! Was a fun one for sure.
Eat a spoonful of hot sauce 🌶️ - RIP
@barneda haha that'll get ya!