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Alex Gorstan@alexgorstan · Co-Founder, Dilly
As an ex-competitor to DMD (I was PM @ Sphere before the acqui-hire), congrats on your listing on Product Hunt. My latest venture is launching on PH today as well. I remember the quality of panos was superb in DMD, do you guys support fully spherical panos yet?
Elie-G KhouryMaker@egkhoury · CEO, Dermandar
@alexgorstan thanks Alex. We have put a lot of effort on image quality and resolution. Currently we produce 40MP cylindrical panoramas. A recent feature allows you to import any panorama from the Camera Roll inside the app, even spherical. As for spherical creation, we have made a one-shot solution that requires a spherical mirror (360 Ball, promo codes available, just drop us a line on Twitter @dermandar). We will launch very soon a lens-based solution (wide angle lens) and a multi-row stitcher too.
Elie-G KhouryMaker@egkhoury · CEO, Dermandar
@alexgorstan @dermandar as an update to my previous post, we have launched the lens-based spherical capture solution:
Elie-G KhouryMaker@egkhoury · CEO, Dermandar
The product has shifted from originally a 360 Camera to an Instagram for wide images. Panoramas stored in the device galleries can be imported, viewed as a 3d scene (Cardboard) and shared.
Elie-G KhouryMaker@egkhoury · CEO, Dermandar
DMD Panorama has just hit Windows Phone Store. Launched in 2011 on Apple's App Store, it has totalled 10M downloads so far on both iOS and Android. It is currently free on Windows Phone Store.
Elie-G KhouryMaker@egkhoury · CEO, Dermandar
Dermandar’s New Product Turns Any Smartphone Into a VR Camera (