Self-destructing email from the team behind Delicious

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It's very similar to 's product which is also on PH but not listed in similar products.
This looks very cool. I've been looking for something like this, where the recipient doesn't need to have any special app installed.
Hello all -- I'm Eric Kuhn, and I lead product on Dmail. @_jacksmith, thanks for the hunt and the compliment. The idea for Dmail came from our own personal experience sending, and trying to protect, sensitive information over email. Our core belief is that the sender should own the content of their email, and more specifically, access to it. @ourielohayon -- The recipient should currently be able to view the content of the email in the browser without having to install the chrome extension. If you can't, let me know! The Dmail extension is only necessary if you want to send a Dmail. We're still early in our product process, but we built this tool out of a pain many of us have experienced. I hope this also solves a real problem for you - and if so, I'd love to hear which one. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
@eskuhn @_jacksmith the necessity to click on a link is not great.
@ourielohayon @_jacksmith I hear ya. To avoid the click, you can download the chrome extension and all messages will be viewable right in gmail (no extra clicks!). To avoid the download, you currently have to click into web view. Unfortunately, we haven't found a way (yet!) to reduce the steps any further than that, but we're trying!
First impression - this looks really clever. Could be a super-useful tool.
All images are actually routed through a Gmail Proxy with a significant level of caching. This option won't work and besides mail clients will download the images locally and not re-fetch so the message would never actually revoke if it were image driven.
Very clever idea - I can think of a lot of very useful applications.