DJ Lazy Set

Your favorite DJ’ing chatbot (on Twitter)

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Hey Everyone. I wanted to share with you my weekend project - DJ Lazy Set. Tweet @Lazyset the name of an artist or band and it'll mix you a killer playlist and deliver it straight to you. I'd love to know your thoughts! 💃🏻🎉🎵
@grantmac_ @lazyset Definitely going to try this.
@jimcanto awesome Jim! Until the Twitter block is fixed you can find your playlist at
@grantmac_ @lazyset Really cool project Grant! Def. very cool. Would love to have something like this for gifs as well :)
IT WORKS! Clever, @grantmac_. Now if only it could connect to our office sound system to automatically start playing.
AAHHHH!! Twitters blocking the account from posting as they think it's spam. Is there anyone at @twitter that can help?
@grantmac_ @twitter Will Twitter allow you to post to your followers? What about if you make the account private? Just throwing ideas out there. Wondering if users followed a private account, would that change Twitter's view of the account? Let me know when you're back up and running. 😎
Awesome! I'm a fan of this new lazy music listening! 🙏 Meanwhile over at PH HQ:
It works! Would love to see Spotify beef up their messaging/app ecosystem for tools like this