Divine F**king Intellect

An expletive riddled fun fact generator

Divine Fucking Intellect is an expletive riddled fun fact generator.

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Hi everyone! A couple friends and I just finished college and we wanted to improve our fullstack skills. So, we did what any recent CS grads would do and created an expletive riddled fun fact generator. It may not be glamorous or super technical, but we had a blast making it and learned a lot from the process (things we never got to learn in the classroom). The frontend is React and the API is written in C. We found a great plugin that detects nouns and other parts of speech and placed the expletives in the string correctly. One friend involved is interested in learning SEO, so we're in the process of integrating that as well. Heres the site: https://divinefuckingintellect.com Would love some constructive feedback. My friends and I are looking forward to making more micro-projects to improve our skills.
Where are you gathering this f'ing intellectual facts, @cmarzari? 😊
@rrhoover We found the facts (sans expletives) from various open source joke repositories across the internet and we wrote a script that added the expletives ourselves :)
Effing funny!
@al_gepe Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it :)
this one really got me: 'Ancient Egyptians believed that f'ing onions would keep evil spirits away'