Diverse UI

Diverse representations of people for your mockups

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I thought I was the only person who thought about this! I'm so happy for a tool like this, because I design for users of various ethnicities and of course, of both genders. I asked my female friends to submit their avatars as well. We need more real women's faces because most of the female avatars on Dribbble are only suitable for dating apps, if you know what I mean.
Congrats on the launch, Renée and Yefim! <3
Finally somewhere I can get my Jason Castro and Albert Pujols avatar fix. For real though thanks for putting this together. I've got a sketch file of faces from my twitter feed that I use but I've been using the same ones for two years now. Time to bring in some fresh faces.
@buckwilson Thank you! Happy to be of use :)
Hi everyone and thanks for the hunt @syswarren! I'm one of the makers of Diverse UI - excited to be here and happy to answer questions!