Ditto Keyboard

Save commonly used texts and phrases inside your iOS keyboa…

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Always good to see a product from fellow bears. Hello Asaf! Really like the app and the video! This is exactly what I was looking for. Btw, what did you use to make a video?
@choi_kl Really glad you like it and thanks for the feedback! The video was made using Adobe Premiere Pro
@choi_kl Go Bears! :D
Hey PH! Alex and I came up with this idea last year when we were raising sponsorship funds for our student hackathon, Cal Hacks. We realized we were answering the same questions again and again and wanted an easy way to automate the process. While there were plenty of great desktop solutions, there was nothing that we really liked for mobile. Hope you like it, and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
@asafagus and hey, it's open source! https://github.com/kern/ditto
@kerncancode @asafagus Why did you decide to open source this?
@xumx We came across some pretty interesting challenges building Ditto, from migrations to data sharing across apps and contention (a keyboard is kind of its own app since it can run even when the main app is closed), so we figured someone else might benefit from seeing our solution!
Awesome keyboard! I will use this with twitter to keep track of my hashtags. Thanks for making this app!
Keyboard innovation is just getting started. This reminds me of Phraseboard