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The district0x Education Portal is a free and easy way to get started learning about Blockchain, Decentralization, and district0x.

Many people want to get involved in Blockchain, but don't know where to start or who to trust. The space is noisy with a considerable amount of misinformation, which is why projects like this are critical.

Jesse Leimgruber
Michael Hunter
Benjamin Zaporzan
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  • Jesse Leimgruber
    Jesse LeimgruberCEO @ NeoReach, Stanford

    Easy to consume content in bite sized pieces, well designed, clearly written. Great for beginners and experts alike.


    It's a big space and not every single topic is covered yet.

    I've went through all of the content and find it to be extremely high quality.

    Jesse Leimgruber has used this product for one month.
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James (Sunny) Vista
James (Sunny) Vista@jamesvista12 · James Vista
Looks like a much needed platform in a noisy space, very helpful for a newcomer like myself looking to get the real info. How long did it take to make? I'd imagine there are tons of topics to expand into. What is the plan to keep updated with new content?
PJ Leimgruber
PJ LeimgruberMaker@misterpeej · Marketing Lead @ district0x
@jamesvista12 We're opening the project up to outside contributors, and we plan to add new educational modules monthly. At the moment, our current focus is beefing up the sections regarding basics of blockchain. We're working on some exciting content about the basics of cryptography and the Bitcoin blockchain. Thanks for the kind words.
Alagappan Hari
Alagappan Hari@alagappanhari · Fixello,Co-founder
After browsing the page it made me to give a shot to read on all those articles 😍
Brady McKenna
Brady McKennaMaker@mckmuze
@alagappanhari Great! Glad to hear!
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
Great, people should learn more about perspecitve technologies like blockchain and crypto
Myriam Oued
Myriam Oued@myriam_oued · Project Manager | Tech savvy
Very cool and easy to use platform to finally understand blockchain and its different applications. What is the extended vision for the platform?
Brady McKenna
Brady McKennaMaker@mckmuze
@myriam_oued Our mission is to 'Decentralize the ownership structures of the worlds marketplaces.' We can't do this without solving the many educational hurdles involved with all these technologies. This is a first step. Next steps will be community contributions, more content and pushing forward with real world educational initiatives so anyone can see the implementation of these ideas and use them.
Myriam Oued
Myriam Oued@myriam_oued · Project Manager | Tech savvy
@mckmuze Very cool! I plan to learn more about blockchain and see the applications in education. I will surely stay around to see how you evolve.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
I know little about Blockchain and feel like I have already learned a lot by going through the topics presented. The beautifully designed and well organized website is what made me read it.
PJ Leimgruber
PJ LeimgruberMaker@misterpeej · Marketing Lead @ district0x
@tostartafire Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to go through it. We will have more content coming in the next few months.