Stop impulsive procrastination with this Chrome extension

#3 Product of the DayOctober 17, 2016
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It is so easy to deactivate an addon, I prefer to block websites in my hosts file. More dissuading.
@camillebesse haha, I know other developers that do the same thing.
@camillebesse yeah I use SelfControl on mac -- would have to boot into a different OS to bypass it, which is a big enough hurdle for me :P
@jtown_ no you don't! You just have to set the system time ahead by the hours you have in the timer 😈
I use something called GoFuckinWork. It's a chrome extension that abuses you and asks you to go back to work when you try to access self-listed non productive sites. It's amazing.
Love the simplicity of these tools. I'm already using one listed here https://www.producthunt.com/tech... - which makes me chuckle every time it shows. Would love to see a visual representation of how much time I'm spending on my blacklisted sites "procrastinating" or how many times I attempt to. Maybe that's something the makers of this can support & maybe then I'll make the switch.
@david_west The statistics are actually a planned feature. I just pushed MVP out of the door as soon as I could (maybe even too soon) Thanks for the feedback!
@geekdima Glad to hear it Dima! Great job on the release in any case.
@david_west Would recommend Rescue Time for tracking. It's an unreal application and shows you exactly what you've been doing, for how long @ what times of the day and assigns you a productivity score too
I use StayFocusd and I'm happy with it. Any feature to make me switch to this one?
@andre_silva_santos I'm in the same situation. StayFocusd has worked for a while, however, I wouldn't mind giving this a try if it has some key differentiators.
Installed, works like a charm. PH added to the list :D