Discover Meals

Find the meal recipes by the ingredients that you select.

#4 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2018

Almost 300 ingredients that structured by categories open 186 easy-to-view recipes. Just select your ingredients to find most matching meals. Combine them, discover the delicious meals and save your favourites.

There are NO ADS and it's absolutely free!

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I built a similar product which is open source did you use it as a template?
@usfslk @andrew_chyzh i'm building a similar project too - let's collaborate!
@usfslk Your app looks great. No, I didn't use your project before. "Discover Meals" is similar to my previous project "Discover Drinks": Also my app fetch data from the open source TheMealDB:
@usfslk @arthur_tkachenko great idea! Here is my email andrew.chyzh[at]
Seems like a nice app! The UI though is pretty bland and uninspiring. Certainly words that should not be associated with food ;)
@anna_0x Thanks a lot for your feedback Anna :) I will try to improve UI on the next updates.