Disconnect 2.0

Stop sites from tracking your movements on the web

Disconnect stops sites from tracking your movements on the web. It blocks third party cookies, gives you control over site scripts and protects your privacy from prying “eyes." The free version runs on Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
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Great to see there's a 2.0 update. I purchased a lifetime subscription a little over a year ago and have been happy with the service, however the data provided around what sites have been blocked and such hasn't been working for a good 8-10 months. I've traded a few messages with tech support and it seemed to be an issue that they had been working to solve for some time. Would be great to know if that's been fixed in v2.0 and what new enhancements have been added. Thanks!
what's different in v2?
I'd be curious to see if they plan on adding any fingerprinting security measures like spoofing or blocking. It seems this is increasingly important when it comes to limiting tracking online.
Same here lifetime subscriber. The 2.0 update does not show on AppStore yet in japan
Alright, I just checked my disconnect app and it's already v2.0.0 and the last time the application file was modified according to my finder was October 2017. I haven't downloaded/installed any kind of updates recently, so unless the app autoupdated itself, it's already v2.0 and it's been v2.0 for a while. I'm probably going to switch to NordVPN soon. According to my DNS lookups, it seems to be working, but I'm getting zero information on where the trackers are coming from so it doesn't really "feel" like it's working at 100%.