Disco FM

Helping crate diggers find their next gem.

Disco is a tool for all the crate diggers, vinyl record lovers and vinyl collectors out there.

Imagine the scenario: flea market with hundreds of record but no turntable to preview them. Open Disco and scan the record to get the instant audio preview.
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@wojtekidd Would love that as well.
@wojtekidd @martinsanton we'll work on it, promise!
Dope! Just downloaded it... Will try it out and let you know of any feedback!
Hello PH! I'm very happy and proud to share our new project Disco. I'm a vinyl collector and dj and often I go shopping at flea market and record stores and noticed that when there's no turntables to preview my finds I kept going back and forth on YouTube searching for all the tracks. Super annoying. So, here we are with Disco! just scan the barcode or type the release name or cat number to get the full tracklist with audio preview. Magic! Two days after the launch we reached #2 in Top Paid Apps in the Music category of the Apple Store 🚀 Here's three code to download the app for free: 93MJ6LAEFFWL 3APX4TEKEL64 M4WTNTLJHF6H Feedback and ideas for next features are very welcome! We've something in mind already but we'd love the PH record lovers opinion. Looking also at @iammattfiedler @nickalt @taishi45rpm ! * Fun fact: years ago I've launched another app about vinyl records called Needle Vinyl (RIP). Some vinyl record lovers here might know it!
Killer! 🎧 Worked really smooth with the records I used for testing. Thank you so much! PS: The database you use for searching is Discogs, isn't it? 🤔
@skankinpenguin correct! We use Discogs as main source. Thanks for downloading! 🙏
@mrdobelina 💚 it! How could I have lived without it...? 😳🎧
@skankinpenguin Ah! I'm wondering the same!