Disco Fingers

An easier and more fun way of making music

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I love their Launch Blog: http://launchdiary.postagon.com/ Every new app should do that :)
@andreasklinger Thanks! It's actually been quite useful for us too. We've gotten a lot of good feedback from people interested in helping us out. So I think a lot of apps also would benefit from having one, both for marketing and product devleopment :)
OMG this is amazing. "An easier and more fun way of making music" doesn't do justice.
@hrishio I need to improve my descriptions. I just copy the descriptions from the app's website.
The graphics gave me an awesome idea: an app that makes music from emojis.
@danlev Awesome idea! What hasn't this been done yet?
"Disco Fingers is an easier and more fun way of making music. You don’t need musical experience—only fingers! Share your compositions with your friends or publish them to Disco Fingers FM radio, where you’ll interact with listeners from all over the world. Give it a try! There’s always room for more radio stars on Disco Fingers FM"
Thanks for sharing @erictwillis! It's really nice to get so much positive feedback, after working with this product all year! I'd be really interested in hearing feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism from people here. This is just the first version, and many iterations will come :) The reason we've made Disco Fingers is because we think a lot more people would be into music making if the bars for doing it were lowered. So this is our attempt at simplifying it, and making it less scary.