A/B testing as easy as short URLs

#3 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2019
We're the Bit.ly of A/B Testing! Just add some URLs in and we'll split your traffic using Cloudflare's edge network. This means super fast redirects. Beyond that, there's no integration needed and you can bring your own analytics solution such as GA.
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I was working on another product I couldn't really find a service that would easily split my traffic for me. I was already using Google Analytics for experiments. I didn't want to sign up for these larger services such as Optimizely and do more integration work. Really what I needed was a simple tool that would split traffic between a list of URLs. As a result, Direktor was born! I had actually built this product a couple times at previous companies. Splitting traffic at the CDN level helps give confidence that 500ms+ redirects aren't skewing your test results.
@parrissays Congrats on the launch Parris! Can you give a high level overview of the few steps one takes to enable Direktor?
@mefranco Hi Frank, Thank you! We really wanted to keep things simple. The only thing you'll need to do is add your URLs and we'll give you a short url that will split your traffic. Beyond that there's no integration. For analytics, our assumption is that every company has their own analytics system already be it Google Analytics or Mixpanel.
There is a typo on homepage. It's not "recieve"
@i_shank thanks, fixed!
@parrissays Forget the typos. First your contact form only has a subject line but the thing that caused me to die a little inside is the fact that you can create an account with a blank password! Even better is there doesn't seem to be a way for me to edit/add a password. 0.o
@tommyent good feedback. I agreed and thought it was pretty urgent to fix this stuff. I've gone ahead and done this! Feel free to reset your password now. https://direktor.io/account-sett... or https://direktor.io/forgot-password
So, the tool sends users to different locations with the same click? Can you tell us a bit more about possible use cases?
@kevin_indig hi kevin! yea, effectively it is useful for A/B Testing also known as Split Testing. An example A/B test would be one where you have 2 landing pages where you want to compare which one does better. With Direktor you can add your 2 landing pages as URLs, then place that URL on social media or in a search. The main difference with other services is the simplicity and the performance. We wanted to make this process as simple as possible so we just handle the URL splitting for you as opposed to also handling the analytics. Many companies already have analytics solutions. We opt'd for a no integration path for those individuals. In regards to performance, we split traffic via the CDN which dramatically speeds up redirection times. Hope this answered your question!
@parrissays Thanks for the quick answer. I understand that your service splits traffic from the same link to several destinations, but how would I run a test with that? Or better said, what can I test?
@parrissays @kevin_indig Let's say you create more than one version of a landing page, because you want to test out different ways of describing your product. Using Direcktor, you can make one url that you can post in ads and on social media. The traffic will be split evenly between the two or more alternate pages you created. Then you can use your existing analytics solution, like Google Analytics, to compare the user engagement between the two pages, looking at how long users stayed on each page, how many users "converted" (signed up or made a purchase), etc. The benefit of Direktor is that it splits the traffic without any complicated integration, so you can just keep using the analytics tools on the backend.
@parrissays @sarah_faulkner Gooooot it. That's what I was trying to understand. Thank you :).