Direct by Instagram is a new way to directly message friends on Instagram. Send private chats, currently in limited release.

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Extracting Snapchat Clone from Instagram to a new app, congratulations guys you made a huge difference.
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@nusususuzu I think this sarcasm will definitely be lost on FB. They clearly see copying successful approaches as a strategy more than something to be mocked. Ha!
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@nusususuzu I’m in shock that they’re getting away with knocking off SnapChat this much. As a business practice they’re attempting to clone it to the point of no return. I’m no lawyer, but I would assume Snap could sue them for such things for pretty major infringement. I prefer Insta as a product, personally, but still... this is so blatant.
@nusususuzu @brent_burghdorf Well we know why you aren't a lawyer now.
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@nusususuzu @brent_burghdorf Just like how all those brands knocked-off and cloned the original pizza.
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@jasonsooter haha also in China .........
Facebook's strategy these past few years has been to incubate new features within their existing apps. Instagram launched direct messaging years ago, quietly iterating on the interactions (you've probably noticed how they've pushed people into private conversations by opening a DM when you @mention a friend in the comments). Per @CaseyNewton's article in The Verge, this app is an experiment. I'm curious what success looks like for this app. At what point do you kill it or double down, @hemal?
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@mention @rrhoover great points . If adopted across the masses , I could see this succeeding due to the network effect
@rrhoover i feel like they are attacking Marco Polo more with that, don't they?
Would love to download this but it is only available on the Uruguayan App Store ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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@3raxton Why chosen the Uruguayan App Store😂?

I don't see any reason for this product to be created and I'm afraid that they will deprecate an in-app messages, so I will be forced to use the new app.


I don't see any


Another messenger app == another battery hog

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Yeah, true. Now Facebook will have 3 different app that does the same thing: WhatsApp, Messenger and Direct.
The true measure of success for Instagram Direct is an acquisition offer from Facebook 3 months from today
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@nivo0o0 I think now they are doing it only for fun and why not.