DTC is a matchmaking platform for live political discussions

DTC is like an online town square, rewarding behavior that's productive to finding common ground. It is an open community-driven live discussion platform that matches you one-on-one with others to playfully challenge perspectives, while unlocking achievements.
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👋 Hey folks, we've been working on DTC for almost 10 months now. With the polarization of news and social media, I wanted to create a social impact startup that focused on bringing people together to talk about the hardest things in society. We're going to use techniques used on Facebook as well as online games to curb negative behavior and encourage good faith conversations. The platform is available DAILY beginning at 4pm to 7pm PST. Please help us spread the word as the platform is only as valuable as the people are willing to have open conversations! We're self-funded and have little funds to launch any sort of large advertising campaigns.
Looks curious! Do you match ppl with opposing views, same views or any?
@zelena hey thanks! We try to match people of opposing views, but it'll depend if a 'match' was found... otherwise you'll only then get matched with maybe someone with the same views. This platform is meant solely to encourage people of widely divided viewpoints to intermingled and learn from each other!
Needs to be an app