Dinner Lab

Dinners Prepared by Undiscovered Chefs in Unusual Places

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I was an early user of Grubwithus when I first moved to SF. It was a fun way of meeting other cool startup folks and exploring new restaurants. Unfortunately, it didn't survive and the team pivoted to Superb. cc'ing Superb/Grubwithus' CEO, @eddylu. Curious what your thoughts are on Dinner Lab.
Hey @rrhoover, always nice to see new entrants in the space. I think Dinner Lab can be a good lifestyle business, but it faces many of the challenges we had at Grubwithus to scale it beyond a niche market...barriers like date, time, location, menu, price, and just plain laziness or having something better to do. Best of luck to them though and hopefully they achieve success!
@eddylu sorry it didn't work out. I saw you guys and always wished I could try it out. @rrhoover I think they have some other ideas they can work on to help them scale. With that said, part of why I love PH is that there are many projects and seemingly non-scalable businesses on here. That is cool for two reasons: 1) Airbnb probably didnt look scalable. It helps to find ideas outside the echo chamber 2) There are many useful projects that I wouldnt otherwise find because they dont raise money or poach high profile people and get press coverage. Onetab is beyond useful for me & I wouldnt have found it if I didnt know the creator.
I agree. You see everything from big, VC-backable companies to some dude's weekend hack. :)