Tasting Table’s messenger bot knows where you should eat

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Hi PH, We’ve joined the Facebook messenger game and launched a restaurant recommendation bot based off of our DINE app. It’s in beta, so any and all feedback is welcomed. Here’s a little bit more info if you’re interested: http://www.tastingtable.com/dine... -Team Tasting Table
@asher_coelho have you tried MessinaBot's Uber integration? You should, and then build it into your bot!
@chrismessina Thanks for the feedback Chris! We'll definitely try it out soon. Any tips on using Uber’s API for bots?
@asher_coelho yes! You can use the Trip Experiences API to know where Uber users are heading and then send them recommendations while they're on the way. T.uber.com/tripexperiences
@asher_coelho Hi, Asher, and congrats! Is there an email you can be reached at to talk more about the DINE bot?
@gduverger Hi Georges. Thanks man. I can be reached at asher.coelho@gmail.com Best,
This is amazing. Would love to help turn this into a full-blown app