Based on the socratic method, digital socrates asks questions designed to increase your critical thinking skills. Digital Socrates is full of thought-provoking questions on topics ranging from philosophy to interview questions, now asked from any voice device.
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This is what happens when Makers collaborate - we can have nice things. Big thanks to @bissenmann for letting us spread the idea and create a voice app version of his project. This has by far been our favorite project to work on and we've learned so much in doing so. I'm excited to hear what you guys think and we would love feedback! Digital Socrates 2.0 is more personalized, has significantly more questions, remembers his interactions with you and works on both Alexa and Google assistant. Oh, and he has a wonderful British accent now (on Alexa). We have more categories in the works such as: - Relationships - Career - Health Don't see a category you want? Suggest one here: Also, we have a bunch of apps we plan to release soon if you're interested in increasing productivity, improving memory, and are interested in self-improvement in general. Sign up here for updates: **UPDATE** The skill is now live around the world in following supported languages: - English (AU) - English (CA) - English (GB) - English (IN) - English (US) @lyondhur, @darcie_jo_a, @kavirkaycee I hope you get a chance to try it now and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
I like the idea, could be very useful nowadays
@julia_roma thanks for the comment! May I ask which part you find the most useful?
this is cool!
Very interesting concept, I'll give it a spin in due time. Nicely done
@chris_germano please do - and be sure to let me know your thoughts!
Another one.. not available on Middle Earth. Socrates/Vocalize not available. :(
@lyondhur where do you live? Currently it is US only but we are rolling out to other countries after we’ve gotten some feedback. If you sign up for our email I will be sending notifications when that happens!
@porterhaus New Zealand mate. ;) I’d rather have an ETA than another email subscription. Sorry about that.
@lyondhur New Zealand will be by this weekend. And I completely understand - don't mention it!
@porterhaus legend! Cheers mate. Much appreciated.