Train your mind with thoughtful questions. 🧠

Digital Socrates is a crowdsourced database of questions on topics ranging from philosophy to interview questions to personal growth reflections. Think more deeply with the notepad and challenge yourself with the stopwatch. When you're ready, join the community of like-minded thinkers.

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Hey ProductHunt! I had a lot of fun this long week-end making Digital Socrates. The core of this product is the question. The more thoughtful questions, the better! Feel free to add your own 😉 I'm also open to adding/removing/changing categories, what do you think? Also, would you be interested in seeing this as a chrome extension (a new question for each new tab)?
Important to note too: I was inspired by and to make this website!
I love this concept! I was a big philosophy buff in college and I think everyone could benefit from having a few more philosophical questions asked them everyday. And you should definitely make this a chrome extension with a question to answer (optionally of course) on every tab that’s a great idea! Wish you luck with this project!
@igor_kuzmin Hey Igor, thanks a lot! Working on a browser extension now 😉
Hello :) I'm giving it a try but does the Notepad keeps your answers for later on ? Not sure about the purpose of it…
@raphaelcreton Hey Raphaël, the notepad does not save your answers. If you want to save them there is a handy 'copy to clipboard' button at the bottom. My thought process for not building a save button for the answer was to focus on questions first and foremost. But given that many users have asked for that feature, I will consider it more on the roadmap priorities!
@bissenmann Thank your Ben. When using it, spontaneously I thought that after answering all the questions, because of the presence of the notepad, some kind of recap would be sent.
@raphaelcreton Just pushed an update, your answers should now be saved 😄
This is actually kind of great. @bissenmann
@elizabethhunker Thank you for the kind words! Hopefully it becomes even greater with new questions and good feedback 😉