Digital Psychology

Elevate your product using psychological techniques

#4 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2018

Digital Psychology is a free library of psychological principles and examples for use in your next product πŸ€“

Apply these techniques to enhance the customer experience and influence your user's behavior πŸ”₯

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Great resource. Another gem for product designers is Wikipedia's list of cognitive biases.
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@rrhoover Check out also this fantastic resource: πŸ‘Œ
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The item "Commitment Consistency > Pop-ups with Yes/No questions" mentions the tatics of making our users look like fools, in my opinion this is not a great UX practice so maybe I would't put it on the list. I dont this this practice is good for UX.

"...say β€œyes” to leave your email address in a second step to get a freebie, or be foolish and choose β€œno.”


These information is spread around the web in several websites but is always good to have them in hand and with minimal design :)


Just one little thing mentioned below

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Hey Odair, thanks a lot for leaving your review! Unfortunately, the best UX doesn't always bring the best conversion rate. I see that "Yes/No" pattern on many websites nowadays. Would I use it myself? I don't think so. shows how psychology is, and can be, applied in the digital world. Some examples are morally okay, whereas other can be considered as dark patterns. This collection should not be treated as a checklist or looked at in isolation. It's about inspiration. Thanks again!
Odair, yes, you are right. This is something that a lot of marketer missed. Instead of focusing on what really drive their prospect, we do something that we feel smart and good about ourselves ( we thought! :)) . But then again, if the product or service really have GOOD Value, sometime this may not really turn off people.
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Cant be blank.


Oh wow! I had to previously recommend 3-5 books on this. This will do well enough for most early stage product teams.


An example or two from an actual product would be even better.

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Great idea!
Great idea! Thank you!
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Really great library! Bookmarked, and thanks! πŸ‘
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@madsobel Thanks a lot!
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