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Learn how marketers at companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Expedia acquire more customers, increase lifetime value and reduce churn with never before taught digital loyalty tactics.
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Hi Product Hunt, I'm a life long builder but first time Product Hunt Maker. Over the last 10 years I've been working to "give things away for free" through loyalty and rewards programs. During this time I've worked with 100s of companies including some of the biggest in the world such as Amazon, Western Union and Rakuten. Recently, I noticed that while the big companies seem to know many of the tips and tricks that help grow revenue, decrease churn and increase customer lifetime through loyalty and rewards programs, tens of thousands of digital companies don't. So... we set about building the Digital Loyalty Academy, and today we're releasing the first course! We've worked long and hard on this to boil down the essentials you need to know so you too can build a kick-ass loyalty and rewards program for your digital business. Also, to make today even more amazing, we're giving away free lifetime access. This will include the current course, all future courses and all course updates! Please register today and as alway I'm happy to answer questions and I'm always open for feedback!
Looking forward to digging into this. Thanks for offering free access!
This is a great training resource for marketers looking to learn more about customer loyalty marketing. The team at SaaSquatch know their market, and have done a fantastic job compiling rich, valuable training materials filled with actionable tidbits that you you can pick up and apply to your work as you go through the materials.
Much needed in this space and can't wait to start the course!