Digital Bookshelf

20 essential books for product managers and designers

Digital Bookshelf is a new educational project including a list of Top 20 Must-Read books for Product Managers and Designers. Here you find a brief information about its content and purposes. We believe that these books could be of irreplaceable assistance in helping you create a great product.

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Hi Producthunters! We're We have launched a new educational project that is free to use! We’ve recommended these books for our team, but then we decided to share with everyone. We’ve spent a lot of time selecting these books. The result of our work is a Top 20 Must-Read books for Product Managers and Designers list. We believe that these books could be of irreplaceable assistance in helping you create a great product. Therefore, if you aren’t sure how to develop your skills, don't waste time searching for an appropriate book, simply check DigitalBookshelf and find something new! On the main page you can see all 20 books, divided into 4 specific category: - innovation process; - product management; - product design; - user behavior. Pay attention, we don’t offer full publications, just necessary information to understand is it worth to read or no. There are 5 options in each book: - brief information about book’s content; - book’s purposes and who should read it; - information about author; - reviews from famous publishers; - and last point is link, there you can take this book. We plan to increase the selection of our bookshelf in the future if you find it useful. We’d appreciate your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions.
Looks nice! I've built something similar but for business books only:
@tonixx, thanks for your feedback, your product looks nice! We will use it
Thank you! I think you should add books link, sometime i want to read more information about them, and buy. Now i must google book name :D Anw, this is my side project: Free Ebooks For 🦄 Unicorn Designer (UI UX Design and Front-end Code), curated by me
@nguyendangtinh the links are inside, after the description;)
@nguyendangtinh i like There are some interesting books i haven’t read
@nguyendangtinh @eulerr I am using a new samsung tablet and i tap all over the books and they do not open, they show no text whatsoever, only a book title and author name. There is a dropdown menu showing categories which changes the titles, of course, but no further information and no links to any bookseller. (I prefer electronic versions, by the way.) That said, the layout is tantalising and otherwise easy to use and intriguing. Too bad the books themselves do not open. Could be interesting to offer a membership/full text capacity so that wannabe readers do not leave your site. You have already done a lot of work in curating the most useful titles.
@nguyendangtinh awesome, thank you for sharing.
This is very useful, I've been looking for a nice collection of books for design & product management. This comes at right time for me. Great work!
@ali_siam, thanks to be one of our first user! We will increase it, follow us 😉
Why loop product managers and designers together? Both dying breeds or what?
@nate_davis because it’s difficult to ask backend developer to read about processes;) it’s a joke. We just believe that product manager and designer have to be on the same page. Otherwise the process of product development is broken. We don’t pretend it’s a fundamental truth, it’s just our own experience.
@eulerr Haha loved that. This is honestly very interesting, and I agree with you. As a so-called "design technologist" I can actually really relate to this. My main problem working at startups as a "designer" for the past 4 years was exactly that, not being on the same page with my product managers! What is your opinion on this, a future where product managers do not exist? We have product engineers, and we have product designers. 🤔
@eulerr A shiver runs down my spine the second I see Jira opened, so im with you on processes lol