Digital Bird born with the goal of helping digital nomads and remote workers to find the best place to stay and work during their journey in Portugal. For a fixed price, we take care of your accommodation and workplace. And we will also share with you tips & tricks of each city curated by locals and help you to be more active in the local community

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Thanks for the effort! I think the pricing should be more clear and easier to access, I don't want to fill up the entire typeform just to reveal how much it would cost.
@jarodise Thanks for your feedback! I understand your point about the price but the price depends on different variables: the type of room, days in each city, availability and time of the year. That's why we asked to fill up the form. However, I believe that in the next version of the website we may have all the calculations automated to give that information in the moment.
@mjoaoferreira2 I think a cleaner solution to this may be to offer three packages at different tiers, with the price available front and center. Allow the ability to customize the package, and with each customization show how the price then changes.
@rueter Thanks Steven, seems a nice solution! We will think better about it :)
@mjoaoferreira2 I feel like people want a bespoke experience with the additional ability to tailor it to their specific needs, but they also don’t want to start from 0. There should be some sort of comprehensive baseline offering to start, which will also give them a safe sense of what they’re about to be paying. A better user experience just means more business for you. Good luck, love the concept!

Wow, I even went on your YouTube page and left there a comment to your video about Porto. You have to place it first, for real, it sells! And it's made so cool, indeed. I felt in love in the image of Proto :)

Also the idea is great, wish you success, guys!


1) I like videos a lot

2) The idea is good


1) I don't like colors in the design and also it's a little bit outdated concerning current flow of the design in general

Thanks for your feedback Ramil. Porto is an amazing city, do you want to come and visit it? :D