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DIGIRARE is a directory of the thousands of cryptocollectibles being issued, utilized, and traded on the Bitcoin blockchain using a technology known as Counterparty that enables the creation of tokens. We help collectors discover new cards and understand the history of their trading.

  • Pros: 

    1st: cover the best pioneer blockchain collectibles. 2nd: you can find the insights of holders, trades, price per collection. Highly useful!


    not already provided: export as .csv the wallets list from reports (and not limited to 100)

    The perfect companion tool to enjoy, collect, trade https://counterparty.io/ digital assets certified on the blockchain who will stay: bitcoin. Proof-of-atoms : https://blockchainizator.com/atomospeller/api.php?t=image&s=[%22Bi%22,%22Tc%22,%22O%22,%22In%22]&w=256

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  • Bosscone Carravella
    Bosscone CarravellaI train to master Dan Vision.

    Ease to navigate with great detai


    Would be nice to have a way to tag items for a private wish list.

    I could see this becoming the Sotheby's of the entire rare crypto art market as well as others possibly.

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Elon Moist
Elon Moist@coinyeezy
10/10 rarepepe cards changed my life
Dan Anderson
Dan AndersonMaker@droplister · Block-chain, but with the BitCoin.
If you've heard of Ethereum's NFTs or ERC tokens, check out what's been happening on the Bitcoin blockchain since 2014 using Counterparty. Dozens of projects, thousands of collectibles, most of them user generated and traded permissionlessly P2P! Here's a subpage that uses DappRadar's metrics and applies them to Counterparty applications: https://digirare.com/dappradar
Dan Anderson
Dan AndersonMaker@droplister · Block-chain, but with the BitCoin.
This page is pretty cool too, it shows the open offers to buy or sell collectibles on the Counterparty DEX, over 1,000+ right now. More activity than most people would expect: https://digirare.com/orders