A list of the best decentralised Ethereum applications

DappRadar lists most popular decentralized ethereum applications (dapps).

Dapps are ranked by DAU (Daily Active Users) and shows the real popularity and usability of the dapp. Want different insights ? Sort dapps by transactions volume or transactions count, everything is possible!

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Looking at DappRadar you realize how many Dapps there are and, more importantly, how much there are users, transactions, and ether volume daily. I think DappRadar can be a good indicator of Ethereum utility/adoption.
Developer of DappRadar here. DappRadar was built to solve a problem. There are hundreds, thousands of Dapps out there, but how to find the most popular, active, usable ones? That is the mission of DappRadar. Any questions or suggestions - feel free to text me!
@darker are you planning on integrating other dapp ecosystems (ie Blockstack, 0x, NEO, etc.)? Or just sticking with ETH Dapps?
@noahmadden I own a bit of EOS, looking into the future of EOS too. Not so familiar with blockstack, 0x or others. But overall Dapps are a miracle in my eyes and I want to spread the word about them, doesn't matter if they are in ethereum, EOS, NEO or anything else. In case you want to share information or/and ideas, send me a message :)
Great idea to discover the best Dapps. Daily active users is a nice feature.
Nice product. How does it differ from other dapps-listing websites such as DappStore?
@paliy DappRadar is not just listing all the dapps. We are providing informative insights about the dapps ecosystem and each dapp. You can simply select any dapp on DappRadar and see the lifetime users activity and transactions volume graph and more information. We are aiming to provide the objective data, not just to have the dapps listed.

Good resource for learning about the growing Ethereum consumer market.


Great stats on dapps. Lots of detail


Some aspects of design are clunky, hard to scan