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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 31, 2019

Dibz is a tool that automates your link building, guest post, influencers & bloggers outreach. By combining multiple API’s, custom spam factors and unique algorithm, Dibz filters your query searches while providing you with top-notch opportunities - on autopilot.

  • Pros: 

    It has all you need for link building at one spot (except the content, of course)


    Nothing. My favorite SEO shortcut tool.

    SEO is a time-consuming monster. It takes too much time to manually find a relevant website for placing a backlink for your product. This is a true time-saver for every SEO specialist or link-builder, a must-have for every growing business.

    Nikolina Bobić has used this product for one month.
  • Victor Miller
    Victor MillerDigital marketer

    This tool is based on a simple google search so you don't need to be a Google Search Expert in order to use the tool efficiently.


    I've used Dibz 2.0 for a month since this version was launched. Since then, I haven't noticed any cons I would outline.

    It also provides a clear design, which really makes it easy to use and that is one of the most important factors I am paying attention to when I judge a tool. So, with those 2 major pros, Dibz definitely passed my judgment. And I use it with huge pleasure.

    Victor Miller has used this product for one month.
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Ognjen Vukovic
Ognjen VukovicMaker@vforvukovic · User Acquisition
Eeey Product Hunt peeps, Thank you, @nikkielizdemere , for hunting us. Before anything, I just want to tell you that we prepared special COUPON: "DIBZVIP" that gives you 50$ in credits in order to test out the tool. 😉 OG here, I want to give you a quick insight about Dibz, and how it all started. Rad, who is the brain and the hands behind Dibz, and CEO at Four Dots, a digital agency mostly focused on SEO & Inbound marketing for 6 years. had the chance to work with more than 300 clients worldwide, from various industries and business verticals. Ethical link building (pure white-hat links) was one of the most popular services at that moment and the fun part of brainstorming was creating a tool that can boost that effort! Fast forwarding the time, and here we are, re-launching Dibz on Product Hunt, after being listed on @backlinko for Ultimate SEO tools for 2018 and 2019 and with some of the biggest link building agencies using Dibz on daily basis. :) Check out the tool, claim that coupon and get the goodies we prepared and make your life easier with Dibz. :)
Miloš Rafa Milosavljević
Miloš Rafa Milosavljević@tnosugar · Head of Marketing, Acumenics
I've been using Dibz from it's early Beta phase and simply love the tool. It's a no-nonsense, straightforward link prospector that has time and again mined valuable, juicy link building opportunities that have converted to ranking boosts for my clients and employers. There is absolutely no reason in the world why, as an SEO and Content Development professional, you shouldn't grab this opportunity by its arms and legs 😉
Stefan Ignjatovic
Stefan Ignjatovic@stefan_ignjatovic
Dibz is really good - it helped us tremendously with link prospecting by cutting out everything that is not crucial or doesn't bring enough value in the process, and focusing on link building opportunities that we can convert into valuable ranking improvements. Definitely a strong recommendation from my side.
Ognjen Vukovic
Ognjen VukovicMaker@vforvukovic · User Acquisition
@stefan_ignjatovic Hey Stef, Thank you for the kind words! :)
Milos Kostadinovic
Milos Kostadinovic@milos_kostadinovic
I've been using the tool for some time now and I must say I love the new design. The guys did some great stuff there 😃
Ken Savage
Ken Savage@kensavage · Founder of Automation88
Need audio on that walkthrough video
Ognjen Vukovic
Ognjen VukovicMaker@vforvukovic · User Acquisition
@kensavage Hey Ken, Thank you for the comment! We just tested in the office and everything looks fine with the audio. Can you doublecheck, please? :)