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@ispentak is easily the best iOS teacher online! Because of Devslopes I was able to launch a couple apps on the app store and get a internship at IBM doing app development. Highly recommend Devslopes to anyone looking to learn how to code from scratch or experts alike!
@lairdep23 @ispentak Thats great! We love to hear from our students. Would you be interested in doing a quick interview with us to talk about your successes?
@evanmayo definitely, I would be more than happy to do so!
@lairdep23 Great! Could you shoot me an email at and I'll get everything set up? Thanks man!
I've been a quiet follower of Mark Price & Co for some time now and generally found the teaching style not only understandable but also relatable. I've since grabbed as many relevant courses as I could to get a leg up on the competition. Not only have I been able to release an app on iOS, but I'm also in process of releasing it on Android. I'm also building a custom backend for it as well as a personal site that will provide support for any issues. And I'm also designing out my idea for my next app! Who else teaches you all that, from top to bottom??! So I honestly highly recommend anything Devslopes-related because not only are the instructors well-informed on the subjects, but they also support each other and their students. It's pretty spectacular, frankly, now that I stop and think about it.
@moinimalism Wow, thanks! We love to hear stories of student success!! This is amazing! Would you be interested in doing a quick interview with us to talk about your success?
@gurucaleb hey sure, Caleb! Just let me know the details on how you'd like to proceed and I'll be more than happy to oblige. Btw, I love your design course, as I am a mobile designer first hehe.
@moinimalism sweet! Would you mind sending an email? He will give you some more information. 😀
@gurucaleb so sorry for the late reply! Just got really busy with life and school stuff. If it's not too late, I'll send an email to Evan right away.
I'm one of the kickstarter early backers. Always loved this project!
@giopecchio thanks for your continued support!
Great tutorials from the beginning.
I have taken several other courses in the past, but Devslopes is and will remain my to go platform when I want to learn new or refresh my knowledge. I bought every course by Devslopes simply because they are done very professional. They are clear to understand and easy to follow. Mark Price is an awesome instructor and packs a great deal of humor when teaching. Devslopes has grown substantially over the few years and every instructor on the Devslopes platform has their own amazing qualities. I was able over the last few years to write apps used within organizations, Fitness Centers that required overview of their current members status and income, REST API's etc. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to tap into the world of programming. Even my 9 year old daughter got hooked. She can now easily create UITableViews with life data, segues and is becoming now better than me in using Sketch, which is also extensively covered in Devslopes courses. Also the biggest bonus is Devslopes community with huge amount of coders asking and answering questions via Discord. Nothing beats this.
@mrdon Amazing work! We absolutely love hearing student success stories! 😀Would you be interested in doing an interview with us to talk about your growth?