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I would like to thank @_sgangadhar for hunting us! When we say "Community for Developers" people instantly imagine a Q&A platform. But in reality developers don't want just Q&A. They like to gather, connect and share knowledge like everybody else. @fazlerocks and I started Devmag to address these needs. Our goal is to create a friendly place for software developers where they can come, hangout and talk about programming. Naturally when developers will gather they will ask a lot of questions and share their knowledge - hence the existence of Q&A. But we also want to provide a good discovery platform to developers so that they can discover awesome programming content, GitHub Repos, CodePen experiments and much more in a single platform. I am super excited to know what you guys think of the product! :)
This looks really awesome. Also, a great implementation of Material while keeping a unique look and feel. Interesting to see how you build/designed the timeline, #'s and such!
Thanks @robertvhoesel for the feedback. We are working on the next version of Devmag which includes personalised feed and many UI improvements. That'll be live soon. :)
devmag.io helps software developers grow their knowledge and become better. Share your knowledge, connect with experts and discover awesome programming content (Github, Articles, CodePen etc) through an open network.
Surprised this had not been hunted before. Been following Devmag for about a month now, and they always have some good material.
Hi @kunalslab, Thanks for the upvote and kind words. :)
I totally love this. You guys have done some great design. Kudos.
Thanks @vikasr111 for your feedback. This means a lot. :)