Detect and resolve security issues as you write code.

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Hello Product Hunters! We are excited to have Devknox on Product Hunt! After spending close to two years on our mobile security solution for businesses, we’ve realised the need for something easier for developers to take care of security as they build apps. Devknox is a slick and handy security plugin for Android Studio enabling developers like you to detect and resolve security issues as you write code. Devknox suggests you security fixes on the go which you can take care of in just a few clicks. It is as easy as spellcheck or autocorrect. Try it out and let us know what you think.
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@prateekpanda Awesome product! Just one question - Does Devknox parse the code offline or do you send the code to your servers?
@mrdhat All of the tests and security analysis are done offline, locally on your machine. Nothing goes to our servers so you can rest assured your code is not leaving your machine :)
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@mrdhat @prateekpanda We only connect online to update the plugin and to authenticate the user. I would suggest you to update the plugin whenever there is an update
@subho_halder @prateekpanda Great! Always wondered this while using the private beta. I just shared this with my team and everyone is thrilled to use it! Best of luck! :)
@mrdhat Thank you for trying out Devknox. Looking forward to your team's feedback in the days ahead.
This is great, very helpful indeed!
@findabhilash thanks, try it out, and help share your feedback to make devknox awesome!
Very cool! *pretending like I speak code* 🙃
@nivo0o0 Thank you for checking us out. Even though you may not speak code, I'm sure you are a great storyteller. Do share Devknox with your developer friends. :)
Great tool. Security is a major point missed by most of developers while coding. This makes security improvement handy.
@keyul exactly, that is why we built devknox. I hope you liked it. Do share it with your developer friends and give us feedback to make it more awesome :)
@elizabethhunker @appknox @kwdinc @hemansutanty @prateekpanda @harshit_agarwal Thank you for the kind words. Let us know your feedback after you have tried it out. Also share it with your developer friends :)