Device Shots

Generate high-resolution device mockups using a screenshot.

Device Shots is a small web app that works as a tool to help you generate high-resolution device mockups with the screenshot of your website or mobile application, for free.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Wonderful work brother. Will be using it very frequently. Please keep this free forever. :) An option to move the devices in the poster would be awesome. Right now it's fixed. So I had to download a transparent device and then use Canva to position the device into my poster the way I wanted it to be. Also an option to add customisable text would be very useful. I hope it's on your roadmap. Nevertheless, fantastic job! 💯
@thecodearrow thank you! 🙏 I'm delighted you find it useful, I plan to keep it free :) Those are indeed neat features, I just added both to the backlog :) Thank you very much for your feedback!
@diogocapela url support for screenshots ?
@engin_murat_sahin adding a screenshot using an URL can be helpful indeed! I've just added it to the feature backlog :) Thanks for your input!
awesome work bro, please add more device colors/shapes, add lanscape/portrait rotation.
@truonglong88 thanks! The landscape/portrait orientation is on the roadmap. Glad you like it! =)
Awesome app, good work @diogocapela !
@frederico_melo thank you! I'm glad you like it
Awesome @diogocapela. Super simple to use, just created a quick IG Story for a side project with it. :)
@diogocapela It'd be great if you could offset the device within the canvas within the Custom options.
@ay8s it's amazing to hear that you found it helpful! =) I plan on developing a feature that I feel would solve the same use-case, which is adjusting the device position dragging the device around. What do you think? Thanks for the feedback! :)
@ay8s @diogocapela That would be awesome!