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A list of zines for developers & resources to make your own

#5 Product of the DayJuly 13, 2019
I love zines and learning about development, so thought it'd be fun to gather together links to some of the best zines on topics of interest to developers - from AI, to game dev, Git, and coding. There are tech zine events and resources to make zines too.
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This Electric Zine Maker is awesome!!!
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@evelynmarble I know, right?! @alienmelon is so good
It's Small Press Day on Saturday 13th July in the UK and Ireland, so shops, activists and organisers are coming together to celebrate all things self and micropublished. It inspired me to put together this collection of development zines created by some of the smartest zinesters around. Enjoy!
What is „zine”?
@adam_pietrasiak Good question! A zine is an independently or self-published booklet. They can be created physically by cutting and gluing text and images together, or made digitally on a computer to be read online or printed out, folded and stapled.
@adam_pietrasiak @_gw and originally called fanzine back in the 60-, 70-tish, if I am correct..
Love this, Glitch team! Always love the community and DIY focus. I happened to be thinking about creating a zine lately, so this came at a perfect time for me too! 🙌🎏✨✨