DEV Community is a shared blogging and discussion platform for software developers. We are proud to launch our open source iOS app.

If you are interested in contributing, check out the repo:

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It's been really fun to have the community lead us in getting a native app launched. We still don't have every bug or user experience issue worked out, but we decided that launching sooner rather than later was the best choice. In fact, about ten days ago, we decided we needed a slightly different approach and decided to start from scratch. So what we're presenting is, remarkably, just the work of a couple days. On that note, this experience inspired me to start this thread about sunk cost in software, great answers if you want a good read: We are excited about the development approach we are taking with this project, and look forward to working further with our community to help push constructive, collaborative software ideals forward. In addition to the iOS app, our core codebase is also open source: We are home to about 110,000 software developers reading and writing within our community and we can't wait to keep growing!
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@bendhalpern Congratulations on launching πŸŽ‰ I have been following this for a while and know how hotly requested a app has been. Does the app support all functionalities in the platform?
@jamesstewart Yup! We took an approach that re-uses most of our web functionality at the expense of taking advantage of some native functionality. But... We plan to hack away at the native niceties in order to provide a really great experience over time.
It's great to get this first version of the iOS app launched. While it's far from perfect, we now have something to build on out in the open. We anticipate that we'll be able to make some solid improvements in the coming days and weeks in coordination with the open-source community. DEV ( is an online community where 110,000+ developers publish articles, participate in discussions, and stay up-to-date with the constantly-evolving landscape. We'd love to have you join us!
This has been a long-asked about product that we're so excited to be launching. We couldn't have done it without the help of awesome DEV members who helped build and share their perspectives on both our initial and current version of the app. Really looking forward to everyone's feedback!
Congrats @bendhalpern and all the Team at 😎
Congrats on this this launch, @bendhalpern and team. πŸ‘ I'm sure this has been a hotly requested expansion from your community (a mobile app was for us in the early PH days). Are you expecting/wanting others to contribute to building the app since it's open source?
@rrhoover Actually, the community have really been the ones building this from the beginning. We needed to provide guidance because we had an idea of how we wanted this to be built and maintained longterm, but we needed the community to help figure out how to execute this properly. We have some incredible developers in our mix. I threw up a proof of concept a couple months ago and used all the contributions to basically learn iOS development. I had a good idea of the approach we wanted to take, but had no understanding of the nuances of mobile development. After being a blind leader for a while, I actually feel like I know what I'm doing now. We already have folks patching issues that have come up since this launch.
@rrhoover @bendhalpern It's great to see that you used the experience to master a new technology, and learn more about the specific intricacies of mobile web development. The best way to develop a product is with significant user input, as you have done!
@rrhoover @jamesstewart Absolutely. I just made a quick post about the process/realizations that lead us to the launch
@rrhoover @bendhalpern Thanks for sharing ✌ I'll take a look at that.