Detu MAX

The world's first 3D, 8K, 360° VR camera powered by AI 📸

Capture 12K images and 8K video with world’s first 3D 360° VR camera with AI chip for professionals.

Nikolai Lebedovsky
  • Nikolai Lebedovsky
    Nikolai LebedovskyMaking Things Happen >>> Startup Adviser

    Easy to create 3D Videos / VR Experiences, 8K, Object tracking



    Looks like the team knows what they are doing.

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Kind of curious about this product. Especially on what differenciates it from the Insta360 Pro : LOG video format, and AI-Tracking. The first is enough for me to jump to this brand instead of Insta, if feedback is good on the reliability of the product. The latter is probably more of a marketing-centered feature. Intriguing nevertheless.