Detour 4.0

Immersive audio walks, now in 17 cities

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Hello everyone! I'm Detour's founder / CEO, here to share our biggest update ever. Today’s release more than doubles Detour’s catalog to 120 cinematic audio tours. Now available in the most popular travel destinations in the U.S. & Western Europe, we're hoping Detour earns a spot on your travel checklist this summer. New tours are launching in New York City, London, Paris, Washington DC, Boston, New Orleans, Rome, Portland, Charleston, Savannah, and Washington D.C. And later this summer, we’ll launch in Tokyo and Seoul through our partnership with Airbnb, bring us up to 150 tours. Each walk reveals something about what makes each city unique, covering history, culture, art, food, and more. And like existing Detours from the likes of Ken Burns and Radiolab, each Detour features incredible storytelling and narrators that know their city best. Our new iOS app also features an augmented reality camera, video previews of all the tours, and a nice design refresh with tons of polish.
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@andrewmason 120 tours - it's really great job!
I could really use this in Barcelona right now. 😊 As AR/VR becomes a reality (pun intended) and widely adopted, what does Detour look like in the future, @andrewmason?
Hey @rrhoover! The way we're using AR is to bring something to life that the narrator is talking about - usually seeing what a point of interest / landscape used to look like. It's a pretty cool effect. We've always thought of what we do at Detour as aural augmented reality, and our focus will remain on audio, because, Her. But we think adding a little bit of visual spice here and there goes a long way :-)
Just heard about Detour, if it is available in London I will definitely try it out between meetings! Love the idea as a walk addict (and a VR/AR enthusiast)!
@amandineflachs yes it's in London!
Weirdly addicted to your promo video. Question, what was the thought process on making tours in house rather than crowdsourcing from users? Also, do you ever see audio walkthroughs moving into new places like the gym, kitchen, museum, and so on?
@ariehmovtady wanted to start out by setting a high bar / showing what was possible / controlling quality. Eventual plan is to allow anyone to create / publish / sell Detours: is currently in private beta, in use by museums like SFMOMA.
Oh this is really cool. I will use this!