A math based race against time!

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We are preparing to launch version 2, if any one wants to try the beta! Let me know what email you want to use for TestFlight
@staticsteven what tech/stack did you use?
@gmhemu I built it Objective-C, if that's what you mean. I used UIKit for all of the UI/animations as well.
@staticsteven Did you use any game engines like unity, cocos2d etc. Do you plan to bring it to android?
@gmhemu Nope, just standard iOS APIs and no plans to bring it to Android. That MAY change after we release 2.0, but it's unlikely.
@staticsteven Ok & all the best for your future games.
Great addition for @russfrushtick's collection of math games. Nice work, @staticsteven. ๐Ÿ‘
An addictive math based game to kill the time.! ;)
I hate math....this will keep me sharp. Very cool, nice work.
@manda_auror Thanks! I hope you enjoy playing :)