Free housing in Lisbon for digital nomads

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Hi fellow nomads ! I'm in charge of Destinesia. If you have any question, feel free to ask. And of course, as tech people, you all are welcome in Destinesia ! :)
@juliendevoir Love the idea. We were looking to do something similar in Cornwall UK. May ask, how you can afford this?
@mywoisme Thank you ! We all work on several projects, and we have a core project we are working together on. This project makes us able to afford it. It costs us for sure, but it is the way we chose to spread our vision of work and share with other digital nomads!
@juliendevoir That is insane! This will surely be reciprocated back to you guys in various forms of opportunities I due to the altruistic nature of the project I am sure. How can one connect with you to introduce you to ones network?
Thank you @armandoneves ! You can email us at, I directly receive the message :)
I truly believe that remote work will keep growing in the next years. Hence my interest in Destinesia. Destinesia chose to mix travel and work creating a digital nomad house. They invite start-ups, entrepreneurs and digital nomads to join them for free. In this space, anybody can work freely on its own project inside a community that fosters emulation and synergies. No fixed working hours, no hierarchy, people are free, everybody is flexible and everyone brings his own expertise to build projects together.
@adrienm who is funding the cost of the house?
@drewmeyers @adrienm "Big Head" and Erlich Bachman
Wow! That's cool!
Let's check this out when we go in August @danyludwig
@writerpollock @danyludwig You are welcome guys !
@juliendevoir I just tried to submit an email from the bottom of the site, and it's just hanging.. thought you might want to know :)
@drewmeyers thanks for the info, we updated :)