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We not only compare thousands of airlines, but also compare flights from all airports near you.

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I liked using your site, however two things put me off. Firstly, the prices of flights when I search were different to when I clicked on the deal. They were always more expensive. Second, some of the results were locked for members. In my opinion, this is a bad idea. I get it's an incentive to get people signed up. But I want to see it's useful and then I will definitely sign up. In this case it wasn't useful as the prices were not consistent and I could not try any others since they were locked.


Fantastic UI, attractive, easy to use


Content lock, search prices != actual price

Thank you for the feedback Lui! We will consider changing the lock on destinations :)

This is awesome way to choose your destination when you're looking for a holidays.


Excellent UX and fun!


Amount of offers, quick search, multiply choices

Thanks for the feedback Adam.
@acellary Thanks for your feedback Adam! Could you maybe explain a little more what you mean with your cons? - Amount of offers > You mean too little destinations? - Quick search > What do you mean with this? - Multiply choices > What do you mean with this?

This should work more like a music mood mix. You input your likes, situation, dates and budget, the site outputs what fits that criteria for those dates. Should also keep track of the bucket list.


Simple layout, good premise


appears to basically scrape skyscanner but prices are outdated, also needs more customization on types of destinations

@ideafaktory Hi Steve, Thank you for your review! We do not scrape Skyscanner but utilize their API instead. To elaborate on your cons: Skyscanner’s flight price data is based on their previous search data which could already be ‘outdated’ when we process it, since flight prices change minute-to-minute. This means that in the end, our prices won’t be 100% accurate - but in most cases, the price we show should be available, or only slightly off. In some cases though, the actual price can be significantly higher - but unfortunately that's beyond our control. Could you maybe explain more about what you mean by "also needs more customization on types of destinations"? With "Should also keep track of the bucket list", you mean notifications when a good price for a 'bucketlist-destination' appears?





No flights at all...

@axel_lavergne Hey Axel! That should not be possible.. Do you get a message saying "We couldn't find any flights" or just an empty page? Do you mind to shoot me a message at so we can look closely into your issue? Would appreciate it! Thanks

I live in Singapore and it keeps choosing Kuala Lumpur as the departure point. And I cant seem to limit the choice of airport's country to the same one :(


I like the flexibility it offers


It keeps choosing an airport too far away from me, number of results

@vahen we will soon add the possibilty to select (or deselect) preferred airports on the main page, or set them in your profile. In the flights section, you can already deselect airports with the filters though :)