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Hi Hunters! My brother and I are happy to show you what we've been working on for the past 6 months :D What started out as a little project to learn to code together has now become a full-fledged travel search engine to discover world's best travel destinations. You only need to set your budget and desired duration, DESTIGOGO then will show you all destinations that fit. This way, you discover places you wouldn't directly think of! Inspired by @levelsio 's NomadList and guided by his MakeBook, this is DESTIGOGO! We are curious about what you guys think and are happy to answer any questions you have!
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@kevin_joling @levelsio Simply amazing concept. I am loving the experience and design. Clean and intuitive! Keep it up guys.
@kevin_joling @roy_joling Love this so much! My girlfriend and I are doing some long-term traveling all this year and most of last, and planning the next destination is such a pain. If you integrated AirBnB AND allowed us to pick longer duration (60 days, 90 days) it would solve so many problems for us. Alternatively, allow looking for a one-way flight and 90 days of AirBnB or apartment or whatever. Gorgeous interface, and kudos on working on something together with your bro - very cool! If you ever want feedback on new directions to this for nomads, hit me up!
@kevin_joling @levelsio love love love your project. Enough that I sent you guys an email talking about the same. Do check :) All the best!
This is awesome! What I love is that the search results include driving options as well. I'm coming from LA and seeing all of the different national parks I can visit under $400 is amazing; well done guys!
@jackie_rae Thanks Jackie! Ah, that's really awesome. Since we are from the Netherlands, the driving option is really nice for ourselves too. Besides, most travel websites lack this option. I never came across a travel agency which offered some kind of 'roadtrip' actually, so great to here that you like it too! :D
Great job on the UI and overall design of this. Very good timing too as my wife and I were planning vacations for the year :) We tried looking for trips to NYC for a certain budget and the results initially looked too good to be true. After looking into it a little more, I found they indeed were. With flights + hotels together, our final price was coming out to be more than double what the initial searches were showing. Closer examination showed that the hotel results were showing prices on a per person per night basis, which increased the final cost quite a bit above my stated budget. Might be a good idea to make this explicitly clear that prices are per night, and not total. Otherwise, love the whole idea behind it and have bookmarked it for future use. Very inspirational story too. Would love to learn more about your ... ahem... journey in designing/coding this!
Hi guys, thanks a lot for the compliments :D Feedback is very welcome! Greets from the Netherlands
Hi guys! This is a cool concept and I love your UI. I've always thought it would be nice to find out where you could go for a set budget. I'm curious though, are the hotel prices shown in the results the average price per night or the average total price? They seem extremely low to me. I also think it would be cool if you guys added the option to put in exact travel dates. Sometimes you know exactly when you can travel and that will affect price. Good job!
@alexisshimanoff Thanks Alexis! Great to hear :) What we are showing is the total average price, per person. So when you select 8 days, the price we are showing is for 7 nights (based on a 2 person stay). Hope that clears it up - maybe we should state it clearer on the site itself though :') True! We will add them soon, were thinking about it already. Although it would slow down the loading process, we can show more exact prices:) Thanks a lot for your feedback!