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Hey all, I started this because Mac apps are still a big deal, and they sometimes seem to get neglected. Designing an app for Mac can be just as, if not more interesting than one for mobile, and I'm hoping to initiate some thought on what a good/good-looking, modern app is. Feel free to send in any suggestions (real apps, concepts, or anything else) to Thanks!
@brendonto This seems like mostly concept designs done on dribbble that will never see the light of day. It's cool, but app designs like this never appear in the wild.
@scrivs Thanks for checking it out - though the concept is really both real apps and conceptual mockups, I was probably biased towards the mockups side of things with these initial picks. My main goals here are: 1) present something visually interesting, and 2) showcase designers who are thinking about Mac apps, how they look, how they work, etc.
@brendonto, thanks for DF! I've been looking for those design resource :-) I hope you will update new assets systematically
@kuba_lukasik Thanks for visiting! For sure - I've planned to be posting at least once a day.
There's typo in the title. It's not Dekstop.